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The Real Cleaning Company recently had the pleasure of working on a comprehensive cleaning project for B&Q in Nottingham. Our expert team carried out a variety of cleaning tasks, including: 

    • Strip & Seal: The floors and stairs were meticulously stripped of old polish and then re-polished upon completion, giving the surfaces a fresh and gleaming appearance. 
    • High-Specification Cleaning: The lobby area received our signature high-specification cleaning treatment, ensuring a pristine and welcoming environment for customers upon entry. 
    • External Canopy Cleaning: To make certain the store’s exterior matched the sparkling interior, our team also cleaned the external canopy, contributing to an inviting and well-maintained façade. 

In addition to the front-of-house areas, The Real Cleaning Company also takes pride in attending to back-of-house spaces, ensuring a thoroughly clean and hygienic environment throughout the entire property.

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