Car Park Cleaning Services

First impressions count! A clean and tidy outside space will suggest that a warm welcome awaits inside the building.

We understand the importance of safety in parking areas, and our thorough car parking cleaning process includes removing any potential hazards like slippery surfaces or obstructions.

Car Park Cleaning Service

What does it include?

    • Surface cleaning to remove staining.
    • Spillage clearance, including hazardous substances.
    • Road sweeping to ensure a welcoming environment.
    • Hygiene cleaning, such as removal of bird droppings and chewing gum.
    • Cleaning of walls and facades, including graffiti removal.


Our skilled team utilises advanced equipment to remove dirt, oil stains, litter, and any other debris that accumulates. From small lots to multi-level structures, we tailor our cleaning approach to match the unique requirements of each space.

What size car parks do you clean?

Our staff are fully trained to provide professional car park cleaning services regardless of the size of the area. No car park is too big or too small. We use the latest equipment and techniques to ensure the job is done professionally and with minimum disruption.

Our focus is on delivering the level of service our clients expect, whether it is a one-off deep clean or a regular maintenance service. We offer a car park pressure washing service that guarantees a high quality result. Our walkway pressure washing service will take care of the surrounding areas.

Car Park Cleaning Service
Car Park Cleaning Service

How long will it take?

We offer our car park cleaning services with minimal disruption to your business. Our staff will carry out the work at a time that suits you best, whether it is while you are open or after hours.

The time it takes will depend on the type of job. It may be a routine clean that aims to return the surface to its original condition or it may be dealing with factors like spillages of oil, or removing hazardous waste. We can also help in cases where there has been fly-tipping or where an accident has caused debris that is creating an obstruction.

We also offer a service that will focus on removing dirt that has been ingrained over a period of time. That could include removing algae or paint that has been used to deface the surface. It may also cover staining caused by chewing gum or other discarded waste.

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Why The Real Cleaning Company?

We all know that it is important to get the inside of your premises right. However, it is equally crucial to have a welcoming external environment – including the car park. A clean and tidy outside space will suggest that a warm welcome awaits inside the building. By contrast, a messy and untidy appearance outside might make potential clients reluctant to leave their car for any length of time. This means they may never venture into your shop or office, or are reluctant to do business with you. It is business you have lost forever.

At the Real Cleaning Company, we can help ensure that existing and potential clients feel welcome and want to do business with you. We offer car park cleaning that removes dirt and ensures there is a welcoming vibe.

Car Park Cleaning Service

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