What Causes Mould In A Factory?

Mould is a type of airborne fungus, consisting of small organisms that are found almost everywhere; indoors, outdoors and on trees, plants and animals.

Mould isn’t all bad though, when outdoors it plays a vital role in natural decomposition; breaking down organic matter such as dead leaves, plants, flowers and trees.

In our day to day life, we are exposed to mould spores, and in small amounts they usually don’t cause us any harm. However, when mould is growing on a surface that you are regularly in contact with, spores can be disturbed and released into the air which can then be inhaled, causing several health problems.

Mould in factories

Mould can grow anywhere where moisture is present, so the prevention of moisture in factories is very important, particularly for factories in the food industry as it can bring the risk of contamination and can lower the durability and shelf life of products.

What causes mould in factories?

Excess moisture in a factory can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • Leaking / broken pipes.
  • Build up of condensation on windows.
  • Steam from machinery.
  • Rainwater coming in from cracks in the wall or holes in roofs.
  • Rising damp from a defective damp course.
  • Poor ventilation.

How do I prevent mould in my factory?

Mould spores can’t grow without moisture, so reducing moisture in your factory is the best approach to prevent or eliminate mould growth. If you have mould growing in your factory, it’s important to remove the mould and fix the cause of the problem (e.g. fix the broken pipe or hole in the roof). If you remove the mould but don’t fix the cause of the mould, the mould will more than likely return.

Once you have fixed the problem, here’s some tips to prevent future dampness and mould in your factory:

  • Install air extraction fans to collect moisture and deposit it outside the building.
  • Install ventilation flaps and grilles in windows.
  • Use powered fans and forced ventilation systems.
  • Enlist the help of a professional cleaning company like us. When we clean factories regularly, we can identify areas that may need extra attention.

When should I call the professionals?

Once you have discovered what is causing the mould and fixed the problem, call the Real Cleaning Co. We will send in our team to give your factory a thorough clean.

At the Real Cleaning Co., we are confident that we can carry out the work to your complete satisfaction. The frequency of our visits will ultimately depend on the nature of your business and the dirt created by your day-to-day activities.

If your factory looks to be in need of a thorough clean, give us a call today, or fill in the contact form for a friendly, no-obligation quote.

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