The 7 Stages Of Effective Cleaning Explained

Food preparation, handling, and processing equipment can quickly become contamination risks if improperly cleaned and sanitised. 

This article explains the seven stages of effective cleaning of food manufacturing equipment. 


Step 1: Remove debris 

The first step in the cleaning process is removing visible debris signs. This includes food deposits, lubricants, and grease. Use a cloth or scraper (if your equipment allows it) to remove all visible signs of the debris before you begin. 


Step 2: Rinse 

Use high-pressure warm water to rinse away debris. This will prevent recontamination of any cleaned surfaces after the process is complete. 


Step 3: Apply detergent  

Next, use a detergent to break down and remove any oils, fats, or lubricants. A detergent is a mix of chemicals designed to dissolve hard-to-remove substances. 


Step 4: Inspect 

After you have applied and rinsed off the detergent, it’s essential to inspect your equipment for any signs of remaining fats or oils. If you notice streaking, it might be time to reapply your detergent and repeat step 3. 


Step 5: Sanitise 

Once you are happy no residue is left on your equipment, it’s time to sanitise. 

Sanitising refers to reducing the number of microorganisms on a surface to a safe level. Although sanitisation aims to lower the risk of infection or contamination, it does not necessarily eliminate all microorganisms. 


Step 6: Disinfect 

After you have sanitised your equipment and reduced microorganisms to a safe level, it’s time to disinfect your equipment. 

Disinfectants are designed to destroy or irreversibly inactivate microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, or fungi, significantly reducing the risk of spreading infections or diseases. 


Step 7: Leave to dry  

It’s essential to leave your equipment to air dry before use entirely. This is because disinfectants need sufficient contact time with the surface to kill or inactivate the targeted microorganisms effectively. 


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