Using SpaceVac For Our High-Level Cleaning Jobs

Every week we carry out many high level cleaning jobs across the UK. From unblocking gutters and cleaning windows, to clearing dust and debris from beams and fixtures in busy warehouses.


And how do we do it? With the help of one single innovative gadget: SpaceVac.


In this blog post, we talk about SpaceVac’s nifty features and benefits and explain why it’s the best high-level cleaning tool that money can buy.


SpaceVac makes any job light work (literally)

SpaceVac is manufactured from single-piece, light-weight carbon fibre. The benefit of this is that it makes it robust enough to tackle industrial cleaning jobs, yet easy to manoeuvre for our operatives.


SpaceVac isn’t just a ‘Vacuum’

With its extensive range of additional tools, heads and brushes, we can confidently use SpaceVac for a huge variety of cleaning jobs. This includes anything from unblocking gutters to cleaning windows up to 16m above ground level.


What’s more, SpaceVac’s carbon fibre poles are held together by a safety locking mechanism which prevents them from coming apart during use, offering a completely seamless clean.


SpaceVac Allows you to see Everything from Ground Level

Impossible eh? Nope. SpaceVac has an HD camera included enabling operatives to monitor and record work from ground level. So seeing around corners, peering over the top of roof lips and looking inside piping is an absolute doddle.


It Reduces the Costs Associated with Cleaning at Height AND Saves Space

We can use SpaceVac indoors and outdoors. So, if we need to attend a job that requires both our indoor and outdoor cleaning services, we no longer have to take two separate pieces of equipment along with us to do so.


In addition to this, SpaceVac enables us to clean heights of up to 16m, so there’s no need for us to hire costly access equipment like cherry pickers, ladders and scaffolding.


It’s a Safe Alternative to Cleaning at Height

HSE regulations state that any work at height activity must be correctly planned, supervised and carried out by competent people. With SpaceVac, there’s no need to worry about any of this, as all the work is carried out from ground level, completely eliminating the risks associated with cleaning at height.


SpaceVac is the only Certified ‘ATEX Approved’ System Available

That’s right; no other system on the market can do what SpaceVac can do AND be ATEX approved. ‘ATEX Approved’ means that the system has been fully tested and approved to be safe to use in hazardous/explosive atmospheres.



Thanks to SpaceVac’s durability, flexibility and advanced technology, we can help our commercial and industrial clients maintain the highest standards of building maintenance, visible cleanliness, and site safety. It’s not hard to see why this specialist system is our ‘go to’ for any high-level cleaning job.


If you would like to know more about SpaceVac or any of our high-level cleaning services, please call us on 0345 218 6126.

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