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Moss build-up on the roof, dirt on the windows, or staining on the mortar between the bricks – these are all things that need to be attended to regularly in order to effectively maintain the exterior of your building.

However, due to the nature of high-level cleaning and the dangers associated with working at height, cleaning these difficult to reach places must be completed by staff that has the necessary experience and hold licenses to work with the types of machinery involved in accessing these types of areas.

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Why is it important to maintain the exterior of your building?

Prolongs the life of your building

Carrying out regular cleaning on your premises protects your building from degradation. For example, consistent roof cleaning will maintain the condition of the materials and extend their lifespan. In addition to this, carrying out regular cleaning and maintenance provides the opportunity to spot and flag any areas of degradation, so that they can be repaired to prevent any further damage.

Maintains a clean, tidy and professional appearance

Maintaining a clean, tidy, and professional image is critical for success and needs to be consistent throughout your entire business including your branding, staff, and the appearance of your building. An important way of achieving this is to maintain your building’s physical appearance.

Aside from it being aesthetically pleasing, if your building is well maintained on the outside, your potential customers will assume that it is clean, tidy and welcoming on the inside.

You want them to know that if you take pride in your building, then you take pride in your products and services too.

What does our high level cleans include?

We work with a huge range of clients spanning across a variety of industries; from food manufacturing and processing sites to multi-story office blocks and large-scale laboratories – you can guarantee we have experience servicing all kinds of environments.

Typically, a high level clean from the Real Cleaning Co. will target the following areas of your building:

·         Cladding

·         Window cleaning

·         Roof cleaning

·         Internal of roof linings

·         Steel structures

·         Mechanical & Electrical Kit

·         Ducting

·         Light fitting

·         Conduits

·         Structural steels and timbers

·         Cladding

·         Crane tracks

·         Roof areas

·         Skylights

·         Louvres

·         Vents

·         Difficult access machinery

Why choose us for high-level cleaning?

  • We can guarantee that we are fully compliant with all aspects of health and safety and we take every possible measure to protect everyone in and around the building.
  • We use the best quality, state of the art equipment for a thorough job.
  • Our staff are fully trained in high-level cleaning techniques and we are fully accredited and certified.
  • All our jobs must be signed off by you before we leave your site. This means we can guarantee that we never leave a job without our clients feeling 100% satisfied.
  • We always carry out our work at a time that suits you. This means that downtime and disruption are minimised, and your business can continue ticking along.

What equipment do we use?

Our specialist equipment enables allows us to complete the majority of our high-level cleaning work from floor level using SkyVacs and carbon fibre extensions. However, on occasion, we may need to use specialist access equipment such as SpaceVac to complete intricate jobs and this is always completed by IPAF certified operatives.

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