A breakdown of our food factory cleaning process

With the past year considered, now more than ever – good hygiene is imperative. More and more companies are taking it upon themselves to scale their efforts through thorough and newly optimised cleaning techniques.    


So what do our food factory cleaning services include?  


Our services specific to food factory cleaning consist of a hygienic clean and sanitisation of:  

  • Conveyor and Production Lines  
  • Plant and Machines  
  • Floors/Walls and Ceilings  
  • High Access Solutions  
  • Cold Rooms  


We work closely with organisations to build long-lasting relationships through our dedication to delivering cleaning services that make workplaces a safe and enjoyable environment for all. Supported with the latest equipment, our professionally trained staff work with you to guarantee that the job is fulfilled to your standards.  


Here are some of the vital hygiene-based essentials explained: 


Hygiene Management Control & Reporting   

This consists of ensuring all regulations, legislation and codes of practices are followed. By providing cleaning instructions for all equipment and surfaces on-site, including a control system to show cleaning has been carried out according to the correct method.  


Food Safety – implemented through HACCP – This is also known as ‘Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point.’  


HACCP involves:  

  • Identifying any critical points the business needs to focus on to ensure a good level of risk management  
  • Looking closely at your businesses processes, what could go wrong and what the risks are in regards to food safety  
  • Contingency planning – this helps you decide what measures you need to take if something doesn’t go to plan 
  • Making sure that your procedures are being followed and are working effectively  
  • Keeping up to date with records to demonstrate that your procedures are working.  


The Health and Safety standards that we comply with are:   


  • NEBOSH – stands for the ‘National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health’. It is a leading global organisation, which provides health, safety and environmental qualifications. This was designed to help professionalise the competency levels of safety and environmental factors within the workplace.
  • IOSH – is the acronym for the ‘Institution of Occupational Safety and Health’. The organisation is dedicated to ensuring that work practices are safe, healthy and sustainable. 
  • IPAF – also known as the International Powered Access Federation, was founded to help encourage safe and effective usage of powered access equipment.

  • CHAS – stands for ‘The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme’. The UK’s Leading Provider of Risk Prevention, Compliance and Supply Chain Management Services for Clients and ContractorsCHAS specialises in helping to improve health and safety guidelines across the UK, meaning that they are responsible for setting industry standards and providing the new Common Assessment Requirements. 


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