We can help maintain a clean working environment during COVID-19

The Government finally announced ‘business as usual’ can resume from 4th July, and shops, pubs, restaurants, and cafes can reopen. Although the public and business owners alike are thrilled with this announcement, with celebration comes some uncertainty…

How can business owners provide and maintain a COVID secure environment for both their employees and their customers?

We are here to help

To help put minds at rest and to enable businesses to get back to normal life, we have devised several sanitising and maintenance plans to help decontaminate and protect against COVID-19.

Our plans are ideal for businesses that opened on 4th July and want to ensure their premises have been professionally decontaminated and are safe for use.

Our plans are also the perfect solution for those businesses that have had a confirmed case of COVID-19 on site. Our decontamination services will use proven products and techniques to ensure all traces of the virus have been removed, and they can confidently reopen.

How it works

Initial decontamination

Initially, we will arrive on-site and perform an initial decontamination using VIRABACT and electrostatic decontamination.

Ongoing and regular sanitisation

Following the initial decontamination, we will return to your site regularly to ensure the cleanliness is maintained and contamination is minimised. Please speak to a member of our team to discuss our plans.

We use the best quality products for the job

To guarantee that we can provide the best service, we only use the best quality products with validated effectiveness. As part of our sanitising and maintenance plans, we only use VIRABACT, which has been proven to be effective against COVID-19 amongst other common bacteria, viruses, and germs.

How we do it

When we first start the job, we work our way through the premises and carry out a full manual touchpoint clean. This includes areas such as door handles, taps, and handrails. Once we have completed the entire touchpoint clean, we carry out electrostatic decontamination. Electrostatic decontamination uses a sprayer to cover surfaces in a fine mist of antibacterial solution. It enables us to effectively target all areas of the building to ensure no surface has been missed.

It is safe for almost any business in any industry

Pubs, offices, shops, cafes, and dental surgeries; electrostatic decontamination is safe to use in virtually any environment.

Want to find out more?

Read more about our sanitising and maintenance plans here or speak to our team to book your plan with us.

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