The importance of indoor air quality in the workplace

As restrictions are lifted, ensuring healthy air quality *in general* is more important now than ever – let alone for returning to the workplace. The pandemic has affected everyone’s preferred work style, with this considered questioning the quality of the air in the workplace should be the least of anyone’s worries. However, with the times we’re in, some people will inevitably be concerned, especially if they already have respiratory based illnesses like asthma which can, of course, cause additional complications. 

What do the statistics around indoor air quality say? 

There can be up to 900 toxins polluting the quality of our indoor air, and over 81% of people are at risk of respiratory or dermatological conditions due to poor indoor air quality – this is why it is essential to think about how this may be affecting our health and look at ways to improve. 

How can we tackle these concerns? Here are some suggestions cited*paraphrased* from Dianna Smith (March 2020) 

Healthy fresh air 

Naturally, people are rushing to disinfect their homes with sprays and disinfecting wipes, which is excellent for destroying viruses. However, not so great in the sense that they contain VOCs that can fuel respiratory infections and irritate asthma. Fresh air will keep your immune system in fighting shape and reduce any possible irritation of pre-existing respiratory conditions. 

Investing in an Air Purifier 

This powerful piece of equipment will help you combat indoor air pollution – especially if you are in a polluted area. Turning the air purifiers on after opening a window is another great way to let in fresh air while reducing harmful particles. 

Get An Air Quality Monitor 

Utilising an air quality monitor is essential in maintaining your indoor environment and maximising your other gadgets. 

Air quality monitors work by complementing air purifiers by detecting pollutants in your air to give you a clearer picture of what you are breathing; it can also help you test if your purifier is working.  

Make spring cleaning a priority 

Regular cleaning will prevent dust particles or organic matter from building up in your surroundings and air. 

A recent study suggested that enhancing indoor air quality could effectively reduce aerosol transmission of viruses by vaccinating 50-60% of the population – reinforcing just how important this all is. 

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