How to keep your factory COVID-safe

With the factory industry being vital in keeping many aspects of modern-day society operating, we must keep the industry as smooth sailing as possible. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic like many, the factory industry was hit hard with reports stating that a factory in Norfolk had over 250 members of staff test positive for coronavirus. According to Eastern Daily Press, the outbreak was one of the worst incidents recorded yet. 


With COVID-19 now a big part of health and safety considerations, how can modifications be catered to be even more hygienic for all? 


  • Emphasising personal hygiene to employees, especially due to the times we are in. This can be done by encouraging staff to regularly wash their hands with warm soap and water for 20 seconds each time and providing hand sanitiser stations around the workplace for everyone to have access to 


  • Investing in a professional cleaning company (such as ourselves) is a great way to take the burden off you whilst you adapt to the times, we are in. This also helps to give you peace of mind that a decent job will be done 


Now that we have explored the ‘how’s’ let us investigate the ‘whys,’ so why is it so important to ensure that factories are kept clean? 


  •  To help stop the spread of diseases especially with COVID-19 now an aspect to consider 


  • To prevent the possible contamination of products 


  • To prevent and lessen the risk of any work-based incidents that could be damaging to employees. Implementing this could help employees feel safer, secure, and protected within the workplace. This could then affect their working style in a positive way enhancing their morale and work-rate 


  • To keep up with rules and regulations as stated by the law and the government guidelines in the times we are currently in 


  • Helps add to the company’s credibility from various perspectives. 


How can we help? 


With our wide range of expertise choosing us as your professional cleaning company will mean less hassle for you in the short and long term, benefitting not only your company but your employees. 


In need of a factory clean? We can help! Speak to us. 


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