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Graffiti removal costs the UK economy a whopping £1 billion every year. In addition to costing the country a substantial amount of money, graffiti and vandalism can have a damaging effect on the reputation of the businesses that have been subject to attack.

Graffiti usually appears in the form of drawings, patterns, words, messages, or tags on surfaces using a variety of paints and inks, which can be challenging to remove with standard cleaning methods.

Here at Real Cleaning, we provide specialist graffiti removal services for all industries as a cost-effective solution to restore your graffiti-damaged building to its original condition.

We can remove graffiti from all kinds of surfaces

We have experience removing graffiti from numerous surfaces, including stone, concrete, metal, render, plastic, wood, glass, and tarmac. So when you request graffiti removal surfaces from Real Cleaning, you can be sure that your surfaces will be spotless and you will be completely satisfied.

How do we remove graffiti?

Our graffiti removal technique uses compressed air, which enables us to erase the graffiti from any surface without damaging it. Our graffiti removal process also contains no nasty chemicals; meaning it will not harm the environment.

When enlisting the help of Real Cleaning, you can be sure that our process will:

– Be non-damaging

– Be safe for the environment

– Leave no marks or shadowing

We can even help to prevent further damage

Once the graffiti has been removed, your fresh, clean wall, fence, or door will simply be seen as a ‘blank canvas’ by any future vandals.

In order to prevent this from happening, after we have removed the graffiti, we can then apply an anti-graffiti coating which prevents the paint from adhering to the surface. The anti-graffiti coating works by creating a protective transparent polymer, wax, or acrylic layer over the surface that prevents inks, spays, and paints adhering to the surface.

Why choose graffiti removal services from Real Cleaning?

– We use solvent-free, non-damaging graffiti removal techniques that are environmentally friendly.

– We have over 20 years’ experience removing graffiti from all kinds of surfaces, including metal shutters, brick and stone walls, and tarmac.

– We provide nationwide coverage. So, whether you need us in Brighton, Coventry, or Newcastle – our local teams can be there.

– We ensure 100% satisfaction with our ISO 9001 quality certification.

– Our prices are highly competitive.

Do you have graffiti on your premises that you would like removed? Please speak to a member of our team today.

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