Using Electrostatic Decontamination to Effectively Clean the Workplace

Simple, fast, and highly effective; electrostatic disinfecting is the revolutionary cleaning method that provides a broad-spectrum approach to sanitising an entire room in a single delivery system.

How does it work?

Electrostatic disinfecting works by incorporating an electrical charge into disinfectant, causing the molecules in the liquid to become negatively charged.

Using an electrostatic sprayer, the charged molecules will be mixed with air which will be expelled from the nozzle at high speed to create a highly atomised fine mist.

The charged particles in this ultra-fine mist have a charge strength greater than gravity which allows them to directionally target a selected surface quickly.

Why is it so effective?

When an electrical charge is incorporated into a liquid and sprayed, the droplets become electronically charged, which enables them to reach and stick to any surface.

Where can electrostatic decontamination be used?

Electrostatic decontamination can be used pretty much anywhere. Some of the most common places we use it include:

·         Classrooms

·         Cinemas

·         Kitchens

·         Offices

·         Waiting rooms

·         Restaurants

·         Warehouses

·         Factories

·         Shops

·         Changing rooms

·         Shopping centres

·         Public toilets

·         Cafeterias

·         Vehicles (coaches, busses and taxis)

Why choose electrostatic decontamination?

It’s one simple method

Electrostatic decontamination quickly and evenly coats all surfaces in one simple delivery system that is applied everywhere.

It can target ‘hard to reach’ areas

Conventional cleaning is great for managing the microbiological load on common touchpoints; however the droplets electrostatic decontamination will get to the areas that are difficult to reach such as small crevices.

It uses less product and is more cost-effective

1 litre can cover up to 150m2 and can use up to 65% less product than manual deep cleaning.

It protects against further contamination

The electrostatic spray repels pathogens, providing longer-lasting protection against germs, bacteria, and viruses.

We are able to help decontaminate and protect against COVID-19

We apply a chemical which is proven to be effective against COVID-19, are known, or are

The system electrostatically charges a powerful anti-COVID-19 chemical, making it coat surfaces more effectively and remain active for longer.

Want to know more?

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