What kind of window frames do you restore?

There are two types of aluminium frame and the best way to address the problem of deterioration will depend on the type of frame used in the building.

The two types are:

  • Anodised
  • Powder coated

Anodised windows are made using a process that is completed before the frame is fabricated. The aluminium is treated to help it retain its appearance for longer. This technique also helps to improve resistance to corrosion.

Powder coating is a technique that involves applying paint in powder form to aluminium then placing it in ovens. Once this stage is completed, the aluminium is ready to be made into door or window frames. The process makes the frames durable and helps improve resistance to changeable weather. It also means they can be produced in various colours. This is the most common method of manufacturing frames.

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How do you restore powder coated frames?

One advantage of powder coating is that it has a limited environmental impact as no solvents are used in the process. Frames manufactured using this method are easier to restore.


How long does it take?

The time taken to do the job will depend on the size of the frames and the extent of the damage. We will agree a timescale before we start work. A simple touch up can take a few hours while a full refurbishment could take several days.