Solar Farm Cleaning

The team here at the Real Cleaning Company are experts in solar farm cleaning. No matter how large or small your solar farm is, you can rely on us to get the job done. Our focus on satisfying the needs of our clients with our high specification cleaning means we have impressive levels of repeat business. Our solar farm clients like us because we offer a tailored service designed to meet their specific requirements.

We recommend that solar farm cleaning should take place at least once a year. Otherwise there is a risk of the panels becoming less effective. We work across the UK and our experience tells us that geographical variations play a big part in identifying the most suitable solution for any client.

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Why you should clean your panels:

  • Dirty panels can damage efficiency.
  • Lack of attention can lead to poorer returns on your investment.
  • Your panels may degrade faster if you fail to carry out essential maintenance.

We pride ourselves on delivering our solar panel cleaning services with the minimum disruption to your business. One of the important factors in achieving this is our use of tools that take advantage of modern cleaning techniques. We use the most suitable tools for the job, based on the size, location and specific requirements of your solar farm. Our machinery is sensitive to the environment, ensuring there is no damage to the surroundings, and we take extreme care of health and safety policies in everything we do.

Before you agree a contract with us, our staff will discuss the most appropriate approach with you. It’s important to have your solar panels cleaned, and the Real Cleaning Company can ensure that it is done in the best and most cost-effective way.

Issues that can damage the efficiency of your panels:


  • Poor air quality
  • Pollen in the atmosphere
  • Use of pesticides nearby
  • Levels of rainfall
  • Bird droppings
  • Being located in areas with higher levels of dust
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A tailored approach

We will deliver our panel cleaning service in the most appropriate way. That could mean cleaning by hand if the panels are roof-mounted or placed on the ground. In other situations, it may involve the use of machinery designed for this specific purpose. The choice of machine will depend on factors such as the layout of the panels and the ground conditions in the area.

We use water that is purified. Where necessary, we heat it to the appropriate temperature to remove any dirt and staining. We may also use a cleaning agent to ensure we remove the most stubborn of stains so that your panels are operating at maximum efficiency. Any materials we use are designed to avoid damaging the environment.

Our team can help you regardless of the size of your solar farm. Our solar panel cleaning services are tailored to meet your needs, based on factors such as where you are located and the age of your solar panels.

Why we are the right choice

Using the Real Cleaning Company gives you access to experienced, well trained staff. We have Constructionline Gold certification and other industry accreditations, including CHAS and SafeContractor. We are also ISO 9001:2015-compliant and recognised by IPAF, CSCS, NEBOSH and IOSH. We always take full responsibility for the job – and will only be satisfied when you are happy.

We recognise that the key to having satisfied customers is delivering value for money. Our growing list of satisfied clients shows that we are getting this right. To find out more, simply ask for a no obligation quote by using our contact form. Alternatively, you can call us on 0345 218 6126.