Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services

Daily cleaning of your kitchens is of course essential to maintain required standards of cleanliness and hygiene. However, over time, dirt and grime builds up, increasing the risk of fire and breaches of food hygiene regulations.

Poorly cleaned kitchens can be a major health risk and cost your organisation dearly in fines and reputational damage. Our kitchen deep cleaning services will give you the peace of mind of knowing that you have managed these risks.

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The Real Cleaning Company’s industrial kitchen cleaning includes:

  • Cleaning ducts and ventilation, which can become coated with oil and dust, creating a fire risk and making them less efficient and effective.
  • Cleaning all accessible surfaces.
  • Cleaning sink drainage systems.
  • Cleaning less accessible surfaces and right into the corners, nooks and crannies. As grease and fat builds up on surfaces such as walls, ceilings and lights, bacteria can breed in these places.
  • All work is within the TR19 regulations.

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What are the benefits of a deep clean kitchen?

Regular kitchen deep cleaning will help you to reduce the risk of food contamination, food poisoning and fire. All three of these could result in a reduction of your insurance premiums. A clean kitchen also provides your staff with better working conditions and extends the life of such equipment as extractors.

Our extensively trained and highly skilled technicians will use industry-leading equipment and professional chemicals to thoroughly clean all areas. Sink pipework will be sanitised to ensure that drains flow freely. Our commercial kitchen cleaning services will leave your kitchens clean and safe.

It does take time to thoroughly clean a kitchen. Our technicians will work quickly and efficiently, and we can work around your patterns of kitchen use in order to minimise disruption. We have specialist teams based all around the country, so we can complete the work at a time that’s convenient for you.

Why choose the Real Cleaning Company?

We understand the importance of good hygiene and health and safety. We have people who hold NEBOSH and IOSH health and safety qualifications, so you can be sure that our risk assessments are of the highest standard, and they prioritise safety on your premises. We also have certification to ISO 9001:2015, the international standard for quality management systems. This ensures that we have effective processes in place to clearly understand your requirements and meet your expectations.


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