How can you prevent graffiti?

Prevention is an important part of dealing with the problem. It is better to be protected from the risk of becoming a victim than to wait until vandals strike. We can offer advice on techniques designed to make your premises less vulnerable to attack. If you can prevent any future problems, it can be better financially than having to have a graffiti clean up when you discover that slogans or offensive language have been daubed on your building.

Reacting quickly to the appearance of graffiti can prevent copycat vandals following up an attack. If you are the unfortunate victim, it is also worth acting once the property has been restored to its former state to prevent any recurrence. There are protective coatings which may be suitable for some buildings, while restricting access can also act as a deterrent. We are happy to discuss your company’s needs.

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How long does it take to remove?

The time taken to do the job will vary depending on how ingrained the graffiti has become. The best way to avoid a lengthy job is to deal with the problem as quickly as possible after you discover it. Over time, the graffiti becomes more difficult to remove.

We employ a removal technique that uses compressed air and enables us to remove the graffiti without damaging the surface. It is also safe for the environment. After removing the graffiti, we can apply a coating that makes it easier to deal with the problem if the vandals return.