DOFF and TORC Cleaning

The Real Cleaning Company has a reputation for great service and minimum disruption, built up over more than 20 years in the commercial cleaning industry. We are the first choice for our expertise in DOFF and TORC cleaning. Our clients return to us time after time to satisfy their cleaning needs.

Our specialist brickwork cleaning services:

  • DOFF
  • TORC

The Real Cleaning Company staff are thoroughly trained and we use high-specification cleaning methods that are effective and environmentally-friendly. We have numerous industry recognised qualifications and we use the latest equipment for this area of specialist cleaning to avoid any damage to underlying surfaces.

external doff cleaning

DOFF cleaning

The DOFF cleaning system relies on steam. The method uses high pressure and high temperatures – it can reach 150 degrees celsius at the end of the high-powered nozzle – to maximise effectiveness. This process makes it possible to remove deeply ingrained deposits. However, the main attraction of the DOFF method is that using water and steam means there is no damage to the surface that is being cleaned.

doff cleaning

torc cleaning

TORC cleaning

We understand the importance of an efficient method for removing paint, whether it is cement-based, lime-based or oil-based. We use a TORC system that is effective but requires less water than many similar methods. When applied to stonework, it cleans in a manner that is thorough yet gentle enough to ensure the substrate is not damaged, thanks to a specialised nozzle.

Why you should use the Real Cleaning Company

We take great pride in our reputation for carrying out work to a high standard. This has enabled us to form long-term relationships with clients across the UK. If you are looking for a trustworthy company to carry out your DOFF and TORC cleaning, and want to discuss what we can offer, call us today or complete the contact form.