Making sure your cladding in a good condition is crucial for the long-term health of the building, and for your business. A shabby appearance is unwelcoming and will give an impression of a company that may even be struggling. It could also end up costing more as repairing and replacing damaged areas is a bigger job than carrying out routine maintenance.

The Real Cleaning Company offers a full range of cladding cleaning services, including cladding restoration. We can ensure that your premises always look clean and welcoming. If you have left it too long since your last overhaul, this might be the time to consider the benefits of restoring your building to its original condition.

The nature of the work can vary depending on the material used to make the cladding. For example, metal cladding may suffer more as a result of poor weather conditions than plastic cladding if not well maintained. It can become particularly expensive if the neglect means that parts need to be replaced. We can also work on aluminium, steel and glass, all of which require a different approach.

Cladding can fade if the building is exposed to the elements. Strong winds, heavy rain and lengthy periods in the sun can all lead to paintwork or structures losing their original strong colours. We can address that situation and carry out work that will bring out the sharpness that has been lost. 

Our staff are fully trained in the most effective techniques and are equipped with the best tools for the job. They also liaise with clients to ensure the work is carried out with the minimum of disruption and in a way that maximise their safety, as well as that of anyone else who is in the area when the job is being done.