How long does it take to clean cladding on a high-rise building?

The time taken to carry out cladding cleaning thoroughly and efficiently will depend on several factors. 

The tools required vary according to the height of the building. If the cladding can be reached from ground level, it will be a straightforward case of using water-fed poles to ensure a gleaming finish within a few hours.

Higher buildings will call for specialist equipment. Our staff are fully trained in various access solutions. These include access platforms, scaffolding, cradle systems, cherry-pickers or abseiling down the side of the building.

If we need to use any of these techniques, it may take longer given the safety implications and the equipment involved. We will tell you before we start how long the work will take and we will complete the job within the agreed timescale.

Our aim is to minimise the disruption to you, your staff and your business. We can do the job out of hours if this is more convenient.

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How can I protect cladding from UV rays?

UV rays from the sun can be particularly damaging for cladding. Heat can dry out paintwork and cause it to crack and flake. If it peels off, the cladding will be unsightly, but more importantly, more likely to suffer long-term damage.

You can avoid this by applying a protective coating. We can advise on your options and recommend which system is best for your building.