1column brick stone


A further cause of damage is nature. Conditions across the UK are ideal for algae, moss, fungi and other weeds to thrive. As they do, they can choke drains, weaken structures, cause buildings to become discoloured and generally appear unsightly.

Location is an obvious factor, with city centre buildings most at risk from pollution, while those in coastal areas suffer more than others as a result of exposure to changeable weather conditions. 

A mix of those elements will take their toll, leaving owners, landlords and tenants to undertake work to repair, replace or clean up their buildings.

As with all maintenance work, prevention is better than cure. A regular spruce up will remove plants, clean stonework or brickwork, and restore buildings to peak condition. Leaving this work too long will simply mean more expense over time. The damage will be worse, the need for repair will be greater, and it is more likely that parts will have to be replaced rather than simply fixed or cleaned up.

The Real Cleaning Company can help prevent unnecessary financial outlays with our professional brick cleaning and stone cleaning services.