The approach to each job will depend on the surfaces that need to be cleaned and the way the building is constructed. We undertake all kinds of work, whether it is a one-off stone clean to prevent further deterioration, or a regular programme of work that will be part of an agreed schedule. This type of work is less intense but is carried out more frequently and is useful in ensuring the building always looks good. It also helps prevent larger bills, which have a habit of arriving when you least expect them. 

We want to build long-term relationships with our clients and we know we will only achieve that if we provide a high level of service.This is the case whether you are looking at a larger one-off job or more frequent tasks scheduled in at regular intervals.

It is also vital to ensure that the method deployed is the best for a client’s circumstances. There are several ways to approach every job, and the implications of getting it wrong can be serious.

The first potential problem is that using the wrong methods can make the eventual cost higher in the long run, either because it is simply more expensive, or because it does not do the job thoroughly enough. The second issue is the potential to cause additional damage to buildings because options are limited.


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This does not happen with The Real Cleaning Company. We provide a full range of solutions that ensure we can offer the best approach for every scenario, all of which is carried out by fully trained and well-qualified staff.

At The Real Cleaning Company, we use modern methods that are designed to complete the work effectively and with a minimum of disruption. We train our staff fully in cleaning techniques. They are also equipped with all of the tools they need to do the job to the highest possible standards, and we place extreme importance on safety at all times. This applies to our own employees and to members of the public who may be in the area while the work is being carried out. This will be a consideration when we are discussing any potential job.

In addition to pre-arranged jobs, we are available to carry out emergency work, and in some cases, we aim to complete it at very short notice. It may be possible to do it within a few days.


Why should I bother with cleaning the outside of the building?

First impressions are important for visitors to your business. A dirty or discoloured exterior, or evidence of moss on external brickwork may give a false impression of a company. However, the loss of potential business is not the only problem. There are longer-term implications such as:

  • Further deterioration of the building leading to expensive repairs.
  • Health implications for staff working in unpleasant conditions.
  • The building becoming less secure.
  • Damaged stonework becoming a health hazard for passers by.


Can you remove paint from stone or brick?

We support the use of environmentally-friendly techniques and processes that are less damaging to the buildings than traditional methods such as manual cleaning and the use of chemicals, which could be damaging to the building, the environment and the user.

We use the DOFF and TORC systems to remove paint, algae and weeds, ingrained dirt such as oil and grease, and stubborn stains including chewing gum. The DOFF system uses steam that is heated to a high temperature of up to 150C. The heat of the steam kills off spores and removes the need for chemicals and high-pressure cleaners, both of which can damage stone or brickwork.

We use the DOFF cleaning process to remove deposits that have become deeply ingrained. This method is gentle and needs only small amounts of water, meaning the treated surface is not damaged by the work and takes only a few minutes to dry. 

The TORC system is generally used to remove dirt that has dried out and become brittle. This includes paint residue. It is an effective way of removing paint, regardless of whether it is cement based, lime based or oil based. The TORC system relies on a combination of compressed air, abrasives and water.

It cleans stonework thoroughly but does so in a manner that will not damage the substrate.

These systems carry very low environmental risk. The Real Cleaning Company uses both methods. Our staff are fully trained to use the very latest in techniques and equipment.

In some cases, the method will be dictated by the age and type of property. For example, English Heritage insists that only DOFF cleaners are used for listed properties.

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Why is the technique so important?

Some cleaning techniques can be damaging. In particular, the use of chemicals can achieve impressive results and leave buildings looking clean. However, this can cause unseen issues such as a weakening of the underlying structure.

There can also be a tendency to apply the most extreme methods in order to achieve a clean finish. This may be excessive and can also be damaging, particularly for softer surfaces, such as sandstone, granite or certain types of brick. We only employ methods that are suitable for the building and the environment. We will fully explain our approach before starting to do the work and will consider the advantages and disadvantages before making a recommendation on how to proceed.

We can also advise on the best way to treat the building in order to prevent deterioration in future and limit the build-up of dirt.