What is the turnaround time for a halls of residence?


Many of our clients are operating on a tight turnaround time to clean their halls of residence once students have left for the summer. They may need the rooms for other purposes during the break, for example to let out to other paying visitors. Then of course there’s the deadline of the new arrivals when the next academic year begins.

Making sure your building is clean and welcoming can be a challenge, but not with the Real Cleaning Company on your side. We ensure our student accommodation deep cleaning services are extremely efficient and we will work around your timescale, even if it is short. Our experts will design and carry out a cleaning programme that delivers for you on schedule.

We will begin by assessing the scale of the task. Once we’ve done this, we will prioritise what needs to be done and put together a team that will achieve the results you need in the most thorough and time-efficient way.