What happens during a shop fit deep clean?

To ensure your shop fit out clean is successful, there are a number of steps involved. Firstly, we’ll survey the premises, either by visiting the site in-person or by consulting your floorplans. From here, we’ll be able to give you a competitive quote for the entire project.

If you’re happy with the quote you’ve been given, we’ll work alongside you to plan the delivery of the work involved, confirming details such as the time and date of when the project will begin. Even before we’ve started the work, we will take full ownership, giving you added peace of mind that your project is in safe hands.

When we’re ready to start the shop fit out clean, our team of experts will arrive at your premises in one of our modern and well-maintained Real Cleaning Company branded vans. Each van is prepared with all of the equipment and cleaning products needed for your specific project. All of our technicians wear practical yet smart uniforms, including safety boots and hi vis vests, meaning they are ready to get the job done.

Once the cleaning process has finished and you’re totally satisfied, we’ll ask you to sign off and we’ll close the project. We’ll then invoice you for the completed work, and we’ll give you the opportunity to book in for your next clean. It’s really that simple.